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Warcraft 3 Earnings 2017

07.01.18 | Parasect 2733


We now bring you the continuation on an article published earlier this year; "WC3 Player Earnings 2017". With all the tournaments of 2017 having been played out we can now come with the conclusion. The answer to questions such as "Who has been the most successful player of 2017", "What races has taken the biggest pieces of 'the prize pool cake'" and "How have the different Warcraft teams been doing?"


With a total prize pool of $260,105, the year 2017 has been quite impressive for the Warcraft 3 scene. Hopefully 2018 will be at least just as much of a success!

The Top Earning Players

With TH000 having had an extremely successful fall/winter, where he won both NSL and GCS, he has taken the place of the highest earning player from FoCuS, who had it at the release of the latest 'Player Earnings'-article here on FoCuS is now number 2 on the list with 120 right behind him.

Earnings Sorted by Race, Nationality and Team

Though non of the top 3 earning players are Night Elf players, Night Elf ironically is the highest earning race with a small lead over Human.

China shows just how dominating they are in the scene, having earned 58% of the entirety of prize pools. 


To round off the article, here is a very interesting diagram showing the summation of prize pools per month.

If you want to explore the stats even further, you are welcome to download the full data excel sheet at:

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