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Dealing With Ladder Anxiety

29.05.18 | RehcraM 2630


The following article is written by Floss2xdaily. The article contains some simple, yet very useful, tips on how to deal with ladder anxiety and frustration. So if that's something you struggle with, make sure to read this article!

Floss2xdaily is an active viewer on various Warcraft 3 Twitch streams and is also very active on the Gym Discord. He's a stand up guy, so if you happen to bump into his name somewhere, make sure to compliment him on all the great work he's doing!


Warcraft 3 is an extraordinarily fun game. When we become frustrated, or we are scared to hit the play button, then WC3 is fun no longer. Why would we play a game that makes us miserable? Here are a few different strategies that may help you deal with frustration, tilting, and anxiety. All are based around a guiding principle.

Ask yourself: Am I having fun? … if the answer is no, then you stop playing.

Here are some specific strategies to avoid getting too frustrated with yourself and the game:

Pause after every game

  • You could get up and stretch. You could do 10 pushups. You could eat a handful of raisins one by one, dedicating each to a different aspect of the lord of RNG – May Your Creeps Always Drop Claws of Attack!.

Pause every 4 games (or 30 minutes, or an hour)

  • This game takes a lot of mental fortitude. That is drained after long sessions of play. Take more than a breather – why don’t you step away from the computer for a while. Go to the bathroom. Maybe eat a sandwich. Or maybe do 15 minutes of that thing you’re actually supposed to be doing right now.

Make a point to be friendly

  • If you lose a game, before you hit GG, type out, “Hey dude I’m new, got any tips for me?” You might learn something. You might -gasp- even make a friend! This community is so nice and welcoming, it doesn’t HAVE to be toxic. And if you’re in a friendly mood, then your opponent’s cancerous behavior actually is funny instead of destroying your psyche. Oh yeah, and join the community on the different Discords, Reddit, etc..

Don’t play when you’re hungry.

  • When hangry everything in the world is a little bit… shittier. WC3 is no exception. If a stubbed toe feels like a gunshot wound when you missed lunch, then how do you think it’s going to feel when his Blade Master steals your third creep in a row? Go eat a banana and see if the situation gets better.

Embrace your Losses.

  • This game is skill intensive. Don’t shortchange yourself by blaming losses on bad luck. Losing means learning. Much easier to learn about our character and ability during times of adversity then when everything is gravy. Also, you're new at this game. So you shouldn't have any ego wrapped up in the game. The answer to the question, "Am I good at this game that people have already been playing for 14 years?" is obviously, "No." So who cares? If you look at losses like a learning experience, then even losing becomes fun.

These guidelines are simple - even obvious - but not necessarily easy. To follow them takes discipline. Developing discipline derives benefit for all people, and may derive particular benefit for our sub-group: “the internet gamers.” Are you able to NOT immediately click through to play again after a loss? Can you remember to even ask yourself if you’re frustrated in the first place? Again, simple but not easy. It means stopping and asking, “Why am I not having fun?” It means honestly evaluating your play - bad luck or misplay? Finally, it means determining whether you should even be playing right now at all - am I unhappy because I’m frustrated, or am I unhappy because I should be work/study/exercise/spending time with friends.

One of the nicest things about WC3 is that each game is relatively short. Usually no longer than 15-20 minutes. This gives us a lot of built in checkpoints to catch ourselves when we are unhappy. Play the game and be happy!



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