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This Week in Warcraft: 28th November-4th December

04.12.17 | RehcraM, Pimz696 1267


A new weekly 2v2 cup has kicked off this week, where we see well-known names - and some new ones - battling it out in a whole other format than we are used to.

Read the resumé of the tournaments from the last week below in this week's gazette!

Hols Cup Weekly #13

Date: 28th November
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Twitch

Hols Cup is a one-day cup hosted weekly by the Korean streaming company NicegameTV, and played on NetEase-servers.



Life once again had a good tournament, where he showed just how impeccable he can play in offline tournaments. On his way to the Grand Finale he beat both Infi and XiaoKK.

For the final match he met up against 120. The clash was a hard-fought bo5, where Life took the win 3-2.



Vitalius 2v2 Cup #1

Date: 1st December
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Twitch

Vitalius is a new weekly 2v2 cup sponsored by Vitalius with a prize pool of ~100$.


Many progamers showed up supporting this new weekly cup in its get-go. The entire elite from the Western scene was presented and even a couple of Korean teams too.

Reaching the Grand Finale was Team A1 (FoCuS / Chaemiko) and TopNotch (Happy / Cash). 

The Koreans looked dominating in the finale where they took out their opponents confidently in a 3-0 match.

Showmatch bo9: Happy vs Foggy

Date: 30th November
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Hi2Chaco Twitch



After reaching the Grand Finale of GCS Winter 2017, Foggy looks super strong at the moment. This week he was invited to play a bo9 showmatch against his arch nemesis, Happy. The two have clashed against each other on numerous occasions, where the result often tipped in Happy's favour.

This time was no different, as Happy looked strong. Although Foggy managed to take a couple of games from Happy, it is safe to say the Happy looked superior, winning 5-2.


MooCup #109

Date: 4th December
Cast by: Marsimoo
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Marsimoo's Twitch Channel

This weeks MooCup was a normal cup, where some of the top players duked it out in a bo1 grid, with bo3 from the Quarter Finals upwards.



After Happy's convincing win last week in the random cup as, he was seeded close to Foggy this time over. Foggy was out for revenge after losing the bo9 show match, and took Happy out in the bo1 stage. He then proceeded to beat OrcWorker in the Quarter Finals, but found himself outmatched in the Night Elf Mirror against Sonik. 

In the other half of the grid, Imperius seemed to be going strong, but was taken out 2-1 in the Human mirror by his countryman Deathnote. Deathnote started the Finals with a Tinker tower rush against Sonik, but was sorely punished for not getting a lumber mill - Soniks warden just ignoring the arcane towers and taking out the Tinker twice. In the second game, Deathnote played more standard, but was outmicroed by Sonik, his Archmage and footmen unable to defend his exe from a huntress army led by a Demon Hunter. Sonik showed superb form today, winning him his first cup title in quite a while!





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