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Content Creator Highlight #3: ToD

21.11.17 | RehcraM 1681


It might, at first glance, strike one as peculiar having ToD featured in the Content Creator Highlight, owing to him being so much more than a content creator in the Warcraft community. You could label ToD as a caster, a tournament organizer, a content creator and - of course - a former professional player whose name has been written down among the other legendary players.


Overview of ToD

The majority of you guys probably already know who ToD is, but for those  who do not, I want to give a quick recap of his career.
Together with Grubby, a former teammate of ToD from 4kings, he has been one of the most succesful Western Warcraft 3 players of all time. Though he stopped his career as a professional Warcraft 3 player just about 10 years ago, ToD is still in the top 10 of players with the highest earnings from Warcraft 3 tournaments, which just goes to show the vast magnitude at which he hit the scene. 

Warcraft 3 total player earnings

ToD is now regularly casting Starcraft 2, a game he also has been highly affiliated with, when he is not streaming.

Though the videos on his Youtube channel do not have much in terms of fancy editing, they sure are a great way to watch the most exciting games from his stream. The content is oozing out from both his Twitch channel (where he streams almost daily) and the Youtube channel (with approximately two Warcraft videos uploaded each day), making it hard to keep up with it!

From time to time ToD also plays 2v2 on stream together with Grubby


You recently stated during one of your livestream sessions, that you will try to reach #1 on w3a, and then give Netease a go if you do so. Is this still an objective you strive for?

Yes, not necessarily rank #1 but if Ican figure out how to do better versus Orc, I'm sure I'll climb the ladder and will want to try my luck on NetEase.

Could you see yourself giving tournaments a go again in the future?

Occasionally, why not? Not very consistently, and not as a pro player either, though.

What do you miss the most about being a professional gamer?

It's not always a stress-free life, but there is a certain freedom in knowing that all you have to do is train non-stop and compete in tournaments.

What is the fondest memory you have from "the golden days" of Wc3?

There are too many to mention. I would say winning tournaments is an experience like no other. But also all the travel and meeting all the passionate people from the community, as well as being on several teams with great people.

We have seen you cast Wc3 games a couple of times in past. Could you see yourself casting Wc3 on a more regular basis? Perhaps in collaboration with B2W, as you have done it before?

I would definitely be up to cast more often, but B2W are already doing great on their own and they don't need me.

You made a survey on Twitter, asking which game your fans would like to see, if you were to organize another tournament. The vast majority of the votes was on Wc3. Do you have any update on this, you wish to share?

Yeah, I'm still thinking about how/when to organize one. I'm sure it'll happen eventually, just not sure when :)

How do you think the level of skill among Wc3 progamers are now compared to back in the golden days?

It is hard to tell honestly - they are supposed to better. Kinda like how sports athletes are better nowadays or even mathematicians.

Thanks you for taking the time to answer my questions. Do you have anything you would like to say to your fans from the Warcraft 3 community?

Huge shoutout to everyone that loves WarCraft as much as i do. I hope you guys check out my youtube: ToDGaminG and my Twitch stream as I'm playing quite a bit of WarCraft these days :)

Writer's  Epilogue

I am very excited to hear that ToD is open to casting and (casually) playing tournaments again! Also, him contemplating how to go about organizing another Warcraft 3 tournament is wonderful news. Ting Warcraft Invitational was great to watch, so hopefully the success will be repeated once again in the near future!



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