This Week in Warcraft: September 19th-September 25th

25.09.17 | MR_Moonstruck , RehcraM 369

The last contestants for the first western GCS qualifier have been found, so we are all set for an exciting weekend next week, where the first of two players to represent the west at GCS Winter 2017 will be determined!
Read the article to get up-to-date with the GCS preliminaries, Neo Star League and loads more! 

GCS Winter 2017 - Preliminaries

Date: Thursday September 21st - Saturday September 23rd
Cast by: Back2Warcraft and Hi2Chaco
VOD: Hi2Chaco YouTube and Back2Warcraft Twitch

Asian qualifier #2, ro32 group A & B

Brackets: SPOILER  (all credits for the very artistic brackets goes to Hi2Chaco)

Group A:
In a rather dominating fashion, South Korea.pngReminD managed to take the win of Group A, though he faced some well-respected names - namely  China.pngColorful and China.pnghumRomantic twice (once in the upper bracket and the second time in the final).

All three mentioned players advance to the next round: ReminDgold - Romantic silver - Colorfulbronze

Group B:
Though losing to China.pngFast without winning a single map, China.png Xiaokk managed to beat China.pngtbc_bm, giving himself a chance at redemption in a rematch against Fast in the final. And so Xiaokk did, by winning in a quick match that ended 2-0.

All three mentioned players advances to the next round: Xiaokkgold - Fastsilver - tbc_bmbronze

Asian qualifier #2, ro32 group C & D

 Brackets: SPOILER (all credits for the very artistic brackets goes to Hi2Chaco)

Group C:
Defeating South Korea.pngLucifer 2-0 two times, South Korea.pngChaemiko took the 1st place in ro32 of group C, without losing a single map. After losing to Chaemiko in the upper bracket, Lucifer then took out China.pngEnchant in a close 2-1 match.

Enchant, Lucifer and Chaemiko thereby all advance in the tournament: Chaemikogold - Lucifer silver - Enchant bronze

Group D:
Although China.pngYumiko played a couple of shaky maps against South, he ended up winning the match 2-1. In the loser's bracket, faced off against China.pngpcg_123 and lost the match, which meant pcg_123 advanced to meet Yumiko in the finals. After failing to stop Yumiko's expansion and losing his Pandaren Brewmaster in a well-executed surround by Yumiko, pcg_123 resigned the second map, ending the match 2-0 in Yumiko's favour.

All three advance to the next round: Yumiko gold - pcg_123silver - So.inbronze

Western qualifier #1, open qualifiers

Bracket: SPOILER

59 players showed up for the open qualifier, including many new names as well as a couple of veterans, including Norway.pngCreolophus, an otherwise retired WCG winner! 
The four last players for the first Western qualifier were found and hence we are ready for an action-packed weekend, next week, where we will find the first contestant representing the West, taking it up with the Asian titans.

Qualified through the open qualifiers are Russia.pngTheGreatWall, Sweden.pngEfFeCt, Russia.pngCash and Croatia.pngRaZZoRMaN!

The four invited participants, are Russia.pngHawK, Belarus.pngOrcWorker, Ukraine.pngFoggy and Ukraine.pngSoniK.

The grid for the western qualifier can be found here.


Date: Wednesday September 20th 
Cast by: Back2Warcraft (Neo)
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Playlist


This was a week for strong players to continue their dominance in NSL. The iceman China.pngInfi qualified for the offline NSL finals after defeating his good friend and practice partner China.pngTH000 in five maps. TH000 did not switch races to Night Elf to avoid the human mirror, as he did in his previous NSL series against Yumiko, presumably because he practices so frequently with Infi that he thought the strategy wouldn’t have the same effect. 

In the second winner’s bracket semifinals, South Korea.pngRemind continued his NSL playoffs sweep with a dominant 3-0 win over South Korea.pngFoCus, who seemed to be in good form after winning Hols Cup the day prior. Remind took the maps very convincingly, and seems to look for redemption after the Korean nightmare at GCS, in which all three Koreans failed to make it past the groupstage.

Hols Cup Week 10

Date: Tuesday September 19th
Cast by: Back2Warcraft (Remo)
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Playlist

South Korea.pngFoCuS showed an incredibly dominant performance this week in Hols cup, knocking out both China.png120 and China.pngInfi without dropping a single map the entire cup.

Gera Cup #126

Date: Sunday September 24th
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft broadcast

Croatia.pngRaZZorRMaN - who qualified for the first western GCS Winter 2017 qualifier - gave us quite the show in this weeks Gera Cup. By beating South Korea.pngLucifer among others, he made it to the semifinals where he faced South Korea.pngFoCuS. In a heated match, where RaZZoRMaN played very aggresively with Far Seer into Firelord, he managed to take a map from FoCuS, who has 19 Gera Cup wins under his belt. Unfortunately for RaZZoRMaN, the match did end 2-1 in favour of FoCuS.

Russia.pngHappy faced many strong South Koreans this Gera Cup, including South Korea.pngChaemiko, South Korea.pngLawLiet, and, in the Grand Finals; South Korea.pngFoCuS. Even though the position was close spawn, FoCuS managed to grab an expansion on the first map; Turtle Rock. This allowed him to stall the game and get a strong army, which ended in him taking the lead over Happy. In the following games, his expansion timing was not as successful. With good scouting and timing, Happy cancelled upcoming expansions from FoCuS several times. This, together with his always phenomenal micro management, allowed Happy to turn the tides, winning the match 3-1 and thereby earning himself his 29th(!) Gera Cup win.


That hand-drawn Paint-Grid by Chaco. He seems to be natural! :D
Chaco's graphics are now legendary, up there with Remo "going to jail", feRfe "gammas" or Foggy's socks
I applaud you guys for the quality of these great summaries!
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Yes, Hi2Chaco is a true gem - both broadcasting- and art-wise :) I am glad you guys like the article!
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