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06.10.18 1926

Sonik Interview: "If You Play Like a Noob No Patch Is Gonna Help You"

It wasn't smooth-sailing when Sonik played in the first European qualification for WGL Winter 2018 this last weekend. Nevertheless he managed to pull through, not only qualifying for the main event in Shanghai, but also beating Foggy 3-0 in the Grand Finale with quite an upset, thus becoming the top seeded European representative. 

Izzard from interviewed Sonik after his victory and generously shared a translated version with us!

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Patch 1.30 - The Human Race in Turmoil

There was a time when Humans were indecently winning any single competition and more, usually being 2nd and 3rd places as well.

This was in 2014 though and nowadays, Human players are not smiling anymore.

The latest two patches nerfed at different degrees all the strengths of the Alliance. What did they gain in exchange? How do these balance changes compare with those of the other races?

Among players taking breaks and others changing race, Human players around the world unanimously criticize those changes. Let's go in depth and see what this is all about!

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04.10.18 4094
Strategy Nightelf

Keeper of the Grove: The Terror of 1.30?

With the radical changes in 1.30, one hero in particular have seen a substantial rise in popularity; the Keeper of the Grove (KotG). In the recently concluded European WGL Qualifier #1, KotG was picked as the first hero 81,6% of the time (31 out of 38)! And this trend is not limited to the Western scene alone. Very similar numbers could be taken from the Netease September Qualifier.

This craze leaves answers to certain questions desired: What changed? Is this just a temporary trend? How do I utilize the potential of KotG? In this article I'll give my estimate on the above mentioned questions.

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01.10.18 1063

Interview with Speedrunner Covert_Muffin: RTS Games are Awesome

Covert_Muffin is a speedrunner, who is most notably known for his Jedi Knight Academy runs, but he is also invested into speedrunning Warcraft III. Speedrunning is the competive way of finishing a game's story or campaign as fast as possible. Twice a year, speedrunners meet at the Games Done Quick charity event to raise money for Doctors Without Borders, or the Prevent Cancer Foundation. At Summer Games Done Quick 2018, the speedrunners and their communities donated an impressive $2.122.529,20.

We sat down with Covert_Muffin and talked about his speedruns, his upcoming Orc campaign run at AGDQ 2019 (Awesome Games Done Quick), and his future plans of Warcraft III speedrunning.

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WGL Europe - Sonik out of the Shadows

This season, Europe will send four - maybe five - representatives for WGL to China.

The first two tickets were awarded this weekend with a quite exciting list of contestants! There were those used to go to Shanghai Foggy and  HawK, the challengers that always felt short Sonik and  Cash, returning pros with superstar ToD, NightEnD, and Neytpoh.

 Starshaped looked like the underdog, but still hold his own.

When dust finally settled, few people could actually have predicted how the games would turn out.

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28.09.18 8571

Patch 1.30.2 - Reshaping WC3 Architecture

Blizzard's Classic Team dropped a bombshell on Thursday with their latest patch announcement. Although it does not contain any balance change, it is about to drastically change the way we use our favorite game, whether we are a melee or a custom game player.

In short, it means that hostbots are likely to disappear in the near future. What does this mean for our communities?

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NeXT : China vs Korea

Two years have passed since those two nations faced off for a clan war. Last time, WCA was the organizer and the competition had lasted for a month. The prizepool of $45,000 was massive and the defeated team of China was hit hard by fans at home. They scored no point during the last weekend with Lyn sweeping the entire Chinese roster. You can find a recap of this sensational performance here.  

After the harsh criticism of their commitment, China wanted to balance the scale in Guangzhou. Did they manage to do so? Spoilers ahead!

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