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19.10.18 811

Content Creator Highlight #4: GornLan Habor

Due to the language barrier, the Chinese and Western Warcraft 3 scene have been segregated for the most part. It's been hard to understand the thought process of Chinese players, and at times quite cumbersome to get Chinese news and interviews translated into English. This summer GornLan Harbor (GLH) started translating Chinese videos and articles into English, making the consumption of Chinese Warcraft 3 content much more accessible. 

I've had the pleasure of interviewing the small GornLan Harbor team, and feature them in the Content Creator Highlight!

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18.10.18 1761

Interview With Walter

Walter qualified for WGL last weekend and it is safe to say that he will be the most unknown player for most of the Warcraft 3 fans in Shanghai.

Unknown in Asia and barely active in European tournaments, he is a local leader of the Latin American scene.

After his qualification, we had an interview. Answers were provided in Spanish then translated to English.

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16.10.18 1282

Map Rotation On Netease

Netease, the official Asian Warcraft 3 server, has announced a change to their map pool: Ancient Isles and Turtle Rock will be removed and replaced with Concealed Hill and Northern Isles. The impact of this map rotation is quite spectacular as it affects both the most competitive ladder and the map pool of premier tournaments, such as WGL W2018. More broadly this will also have a major impact on the Western scene.

In this article, I have consulted with a melee map maker to hear his thoughts on the new maps, which are being rotated in and out.

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WGL America: When Peru Meets China

When Netease decided to grant an entry to a second American representative, we had little doubt that Hunter would be one of the two. After LongWalk declined the invitation to participate in the final round, only OC seemed to be in position to challenge him. Currently ranked in the top 15 of the Netease Ladder, he will even participate in the Netease WGL October race.

Little did we know that those two would not even have to deal with one another. 

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13.10.18 2718
Strategy General

Pit Lord: "What A Foolish Boy!"

Pit Lord is a rare sight in competitive play, with a peculiar kit and an even more peculiar (and funny) voice line. In this article we will take a look at his abilities and try to get a better grip of why he is used so rarely.

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10.10.18 3092

Is the Korean Warcraft Scene Dying?

For quite some time I have been curious about the state of the Korean Warcraft Scene. After seeing only nine players registered for the Master's Coliseum Korean Open Qualifier, I decided to research, explore, and write about what I saw as a growing phenomenon.

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Ugri's 3v3 Challenge : Showdown Between Europe and Korea

Ugri's Challenge Series continued this week-end with the 3v3 edition. If the tournament gathered 13 teams, two of them appeared as large favorites : Top Notch 3.0 consisting of Foggy, Happy and Cash and JoYuRi with Lucifer, FoCuS and LawLiet.

As Korea won the 4v4 edition against the very same Top Notch team, Europe wanted to claim the title back, as well as the juicy 1500$ prize for the first place.

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