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04.11.18 3170
Interview Reforged

Press Conference with Rob Bridenbecker and Brian Sousa just participated in a press conference with the Executive Producer and the Lead Artist of Warcraft 3: Reforged.

Let's go through the most interesting answers in no particular order.

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02.11.18 2303

Blizzcon 2018 : Warcraft 3 Reforged announced for 2019 along with Back2Warcraft were present in Anaheim for Blizzcon’s opening ceremony.

The long awaited announcement of a Warcraft 3 remaster finally became reality.

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31.10.18 1457

Warcraft 3 Liquipedia: From Alpha to Full Wiki

If you have read just a few of my articles, you probably know that I make use of Liquipedia frequently - both as a source for data, knowledge and overall inspiration. Today the Liquipedia staff launched the Warcraft 3 section as a full Wiki. This is quite a feat for the dedicated contributers and, in my opinion, very well deserved - definitely a cause for a celebratory tribute article!

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30.10.18 2591

Highest Earning Warcraft 3 Players

There are several ways to measure success in games. Who won the most premier tournaments? Who peaked the highest? Who has revolutionised the game the most? Sources of error are to be found in every single method used. The arguably most popular way is to look at prize money won, since it is a very tangible method. This is exactly what we are going to do in this article!

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GenoZ American Cup announced

The flood of hype from WGL America has not yet subsided and we already have more great news for the Americas. Gianni Rosheuvel is inaugurating the first GenoZ American Cup on Sunday.

This ambitious tournament plans to occur on a weekly basis for players from the Americas only.

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WGL Europe : Russia charging in

The remaining European tickets for WGL were being distributed this weekend. And easy as "one, two, three", Russia took them all.

With ToD on the starting blocks and amongst KotG criticism, the journey was not an easy one for Neytpoh (Neutron), HawK and Cash. We witnessed some crazy games with an unusual amount of ultimates!

I want to thank the participants of the latest qualifiers for being so consistent. Two Ukrainians then two Peruvians and now three Russians : it makes it easy for us to think of suitable article banners!

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20.10.18 2596
Strategy General

Overview of Armor and Damage Reduction

When getting an item from neutral creeps, it's sometimes clear as day which hero should be have it. This is, however, not always the case. In this article I'll be explaining the concept of "Armor" and "Damage Reduction". Hopefully,  it will give you a better understanding to which hero you should distribute which armor-enhancing items. In other words, we'll try to figure out who's the Lord of the Rings of Protection! 

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