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16.11.18 3341
Analysis Op-ed

Patch 1.30.2 and the Hostbot Crisis

Blizzard has announced the release date of patch 1.30.2 for December 1st.

This patch will make history as it will completely change the way we play Warcraft III on As excited as we are of heading closer towards Reforged, this patch is awaited with nervousness by any admin involved behind the scenes.

Custom games, FFA, 4v4 and the esports scene will all be negatively impacted. Let's explain why and try to suggest a few ways to reduce the damage for our communities.

We will not get into the balance changes here, there were a few that we can discuss in a later article.

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WGL Winter 2018: Predictions And Analysis

Starting on November 28th, the 7th installment of the Golden League Series will be hosted in Shanghai.

24 players will compete over a ten day period for what will probably be the last WGL Season before Reforged Beta comes out.

Let's discuss the new structure and whom we believe to be the favorites.

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14.11.18 4657
Analysis Reforged

WC3 Reforged: Streamers at a Turning Point

There is debate raging on Reddit about whether or not it is fair for Grubby to play extensive reruns on Twitch, and whether this affects smaller channels negatively. 

Even though this is just a minor aspect of a much larger topic -- We hope to provide some commentary and analysis on the matter. The question remains: how will current major Warcraft III streamers adapt to new competition from larger channels that are now seeing a resurgence into the game?

How can smaller channels thrive and grow with Reforged?

For this analysis, I have chosen to focus on purely English speaking streams.

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13.11.18 3120

Were the Human Nerfs a Mistake?

Balance is one of the most discussed subjects in pretty much any PvP game - ours is no exception. The discussion frequently revolves around what races should be nerfed/buffed, but rarely dwells too much on what specifics should be changed, and even more seldomly why. How to go about balancing is very important, and I believe Blizzard may have slipped up with the recent patch.

In this article I'll be handling this rather controversial subject with the premise that Human in 1.28 was too strong and should be nerfed, although this is (as always) up for discussion.

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10.11.18 1894

What's new on Warcraft3.Info? Spoiler free videos!

In the spirit of Warcraft 3 Reforged bringing a nicer visual impression AND new features, we've decided to do the same with our website. We are proud to announce the release of our new spoiler free video section!

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09.11.18 3083
Op-ed Reforged

Alias and Smurf Usage in Warcraft III

One of the best features of is the ability to decipher ladder rankings instantly. Through a great deal of time and research, we reveal the actual players hiding behind fancy, or unknown account names used on or Netease.

We have also developed the "Orc Brain", a drag and drop feature that will instantly recognize a player in hiding under an alias on a replay file.

But to get to the heart of the matter, why exactly have players been smurfing and aliasing so much the last 16 years? And perhaps more importantly, why do we think it is both fair and important to reveal those accounts? Let's dig into that.


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05.11.18 2528

Is The Slaughterhouse Hindering Undead?

When writing about Warcraft 3 I have always tried to avoid subjects where the conclusion gets colored by my own opinion. I have done this by writing guides, tournament reports, etc.; subjects where there, more or less, is one objective truth. Now I will try to open the door for writing more opinionated articles (op-eds) as well.

The reason I mention this is because it is important for me to clarify that this type of articles' purpose is not to lecture you, the readers, on how and why you should care about a subject. Rather, its purpose is to get you interested in what I find to be important issues, as well as encouraging healthy discussion about said subjects with the right balance of thoughtful analysis and facts.

So in short: You are allowed to disagree all you want, but let us strive to have a civil and healthy discussion about it!

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