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24.05.17 644

Warcraft in Exile E01: Party time with atheistP

I've met with many Warcraft players by now and the vast majority of them, if not all of them, stroke me as introvert people. Pretty smart ones too.

I had this discussion during our WCA breakfast in Yinchuan with Foggy I think... there was this table of CS:GO players talking loud with fancy clothes not far from us. We could basically tell which table was in it for which game depending on its behavior!

AtheistP, I ran into him during GCS in december, the first day. He came to pay a visit at the studio, he had just arrived from Serbia and would work in China from now on. 

He came with a friend, laughed and suggested party plans... got my interest right away!

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10.05.17 508

Fantasy Warcraft League: Taidu Esports Masters

Taidu Esports Masters is a series of gaming events, sponsored by Sky's company Taidu. There are many great names in the grid such as Fly, TH000 and 120. The league begins this Friday and will be covered by Back2Warcraft.

After having great success with AWL, Turbosau continues his Fantasy League for this event which will last four gameweeks. The concept is simple: Choose your best group of players and you get points according to how well they do. During the event, I will include a leaderboard with the best fantasy players on the side bar of So if you want to appear on my frontpage, this is your chance! You can find all of the information about the league and about how to sign up here. Since the event starts on Friday, you should sign up quickly!

Prizes: First place will win a Back2Warcraft Shirt & Mug and there will be some prizes sponsored by Taidu as well!

I will definitely participate myself and see if I can get an edge using my Farsight Calculator!

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04.05.17 1905

Does Race matter? Analyzing Tournament Statistics

This is the year of Undead! Undead players are winning more than ever! Or are they? Sometimes, our feelings are playing tricks on us. Let’s take a look at the actual tournament data of the last 12 months to get a better idea about which races are doing well and which aren’t. The results might surprise you!

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27.04.17 937

A Warcraft 3 Twitter Guide for Non-Believers

"Twitter? Nobody uses Twitter!"

I used to be a non-believer myself. But I accepted the Twitter-Lord in my heart four months ago and saw the light! Twitter is actually lots of fun and there are more WC3 people using it than you might expect. In order to increase the numbers of our WC3 community on Twitter, I wrote this brief guide about the benefits of Twitter and included a list of interesting WC3 people on the platform that you should definitely check out!

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