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10.06.17 718

Behind the scenes: Ugrilainen – The Warcraft Globetrotter

This interview is a special one, because the tide has turned. The interviewer becomes interviewee. Today's interviewer is nobody else than me myself - ena1337. I am an occasional WarCraft 3 fun streamer playing Orc competitively in 1on1, 2on2 and FFA and support/organize leagues and cups. I am asking Ugrilainen 14 questions about himself, his connection to WC3 and his opinions about the current state and future developments. Everyone who is involved in the scene should know Ugrilainen. He is well-known for supporting and organizing Warcraft 3 events, tournaments, showmatches and leagues for many years.

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GCS Western Qualifiers #2: One of each race!

And then they were six, for two places.

It came down rapidly to just four players. The hierarchy was not yet ready to be disturbed in Europe.

Hawk and Rudan were to fight for the first seat, the others would battle it out in the loser bracket for the second one!

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GCS Western Qualifiers #2: Going through day 1

Qualifiers #1 was pretty boring straightforward... I mean not that the games were bad but we had what we expected : Happy first and Foggy second. Then a stacked pack of players, hard to distinguish skill-wise.

Hawk made the best mark of them all, going to the LB final and creating troubles for the two favorites. Now was the time to confirm for the inquisitive Russian, and to get back into the spotlights after some difficult times.

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30.05.17 507

Warcraft in Exile E02: China with Passion

It's rare for me to have the occasion to talk about Warcraft in French. The French scene has been decimated once SC2 came out and did not recover. 

Nowadays only two can have decent results internationally : Anima (will face Rudan for GCS Europe Qualifiers Saturday) and Passion. . 

We continue our series "Warcraft in Exile" with the Frenchman who decided to open up a little. He could not give us a recent/good quality picture for a nice banner, but gave us many insights!

Interview was made in English, no need to over-complicate the publication with translation work right?

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28.05.17 535

Xun at GCS Asia Qualifiers : one last step

 About to go on my Sunday lunchbreak...

Ugri, you need to talk to Xun! There is so much controversy!

My friend Chatwin is really active on Chinese forums and Xun's performance seemed to have totally overshadowed anything else that happened : Sini beating Focus and Lawliet?

Moon and Remind coming back to GCS?

Xun unexpectedly reached the final 6 of the competition. He was one finger away to punch his ticket for Shanghai. What happened then?

I just checked with him if he had just been interviewed. No? Alright, let's just send some questions before eating!

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27.05.17 623

Behind the scenes E01: Russia with Hundredkg

Behind the scenes ~ Russia

Ivan Glazkin

an original series

David and I came up with an idea : basically, working together! We needed more than that of course, something original. What about those women and men that work behind the scene to provide the fans with content? Those that matter and we hardly know or talk about?

"Behind the scenes" will try to put some light on their activity, views and feelings about the scene in general. We will jump in between continents in what we hope will be an interesting and successful journey!

First step : destination Moscow / Russia with hundredkg, manager of vk group "welovewarcraft3" and doing way more than just that.

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24.05.17 578

Warcraft in Exile E01: Party time with atheistP

I've met with many Warcraft players by now and the vast majority of them, if not all of them, stroke me as introvert people. Pretty smart ones too.

I had this discussion during our WCA breakfast in Yinchuan with Foggy I think... there was this table of CS:GO players talking loud with fancy clothes not far from us. We could basically tell which table was in it for which game depending on its behavior!

AtheistP, I ran into him during GCS in december, the first day. He came to pay a visit at the studio, he had just arrived from Serbia and would work in China from now on. 

He came with a friend, laughed and suggested party plans... got my interest right away!

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