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08.07.17 1018

15 years of RoC: players best WC3 memories

I was contacted a few weeks ago by the Brazilian Esport writer Forkxx that prepared a series of no less 6 articles about Warcraft 3 15 years anniversary!

My part was to get players' testimonies : contacted them all, got more than a few answers. I hope you will all enjoy that little moment of Nostalgia.

May Brazil comes back to WC3 thanks to and Forkxx!

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08.07.17 696

Interview with Colorful: Grade A player

We had one dinner in Shanghai with Colorful, eating hot-pot with Neo, Remo and GCS admins. They made fun of him ~ about his lack of education or something..., I did not really get it then. Now I do, and so will you!

Colorful has progressed a lot these last weeks and far from being a "Grade 6 student", he has now become a "Grade A player"!

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07.07.17 680

Interview: Reviving the Community with Back2Warcraft

Hey guys! I'm working in a special article in Brazil about 15th anniversary of Warcraft 3. With that, I had the chance to interview our lovely Jannes "Neo" Jambalaya, one of the faces from Back2Warcraft broadcasts.

I'll post here our original conversation in English. Hope you guys enjoy his insights about the Warcraft 3 community today!

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New Warcraft 3 League – Solo Season #2

When most countries are celebrating the summer holidays, a group of Warcraft 3 players have gathered with the help and work of Nick to challenge each other for the solo trophy. Will  Sheik defend his title as the champion this season?

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01.07.17 1257

WC3 Player Earnings 2017

Many people are wondering if there is still money to be made in Warcraft 3. Even though there are some tournaments with big prize pools such as goldWCA, goldGCS or the upcoming goldNeo Star League, the vast majority of players isn't able to claim these titles. Most prizes are won by a small amount of pro players. But who is earning the most?

Parasect is keeping track of results and earnings. He posts these numbers once a month in the WC3 Reddit. Here are his most recent findings for the WC3 Player Earnings in 2017.

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25.06.17 861

Interview with Lawliet: Full House

Back in December

Lawliet, do you feel confident for WCA?

No, no... I'm noob!

When I've met Lawliet for the first time, it was at WCA 2016 in December. Although he qualified from the most difficult region, he was not very confident. He had been eliminated early from GCS by Rudan and did not perform very well overall since his qualification in May.

Korea had only 2 seats at WCA and they took 1st and 2nd place! Lawliet ended being Vice-World Champion, eliminating TH000 or Foggy quite easily in the process.

Now that Lawliet seems to be a noob again with many unexpected losses, I felt it was a good time for an interview. And to discuss a little bit about his famous roomates : Sok, Chaemiko and

His skill, his goals, his life in the A1 house... let's talk about it all!

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19.06.17 433

Gera Cup Fantasy League Season 2

Update: Even though the season has already begun, you can still create a team (from Monday to Saturday) which will compete in the following Gera Cups.

Gera Cup Fantasy League Season 1 concluded yesterday. Congratulations to Johnny_SB (1st), Ena1337 (2nd) and jampi0n (3rd)! Furthermore, I would like to extend my gratitude towards all users for participating. We had a total of 60 participants. The full final ranking can be found at the bottom of this article.

I am happy to announce that we are starting Season 2 right now with some exciting new features and an amazing prize!

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