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    4v4 – What it means to Warcraft III (RTS) [Part 2 – The Catalyst]

    A substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected.


    Hello everyone, and welcome back to the second episode of my all-things 4v4 series!  If you missed the first part or want a quick refresher head over to this link, grab some popcorn and enjoy!

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    4v4 – What it means to Warcraft III (RTS) [Part 1 – The Basics]

    Hello and welcome to my 3-part series discussing all things 4v4 Random Team in Blizzard’s Real Time Strategy game Warcraft III!  When I started writing this article I had one thought in my mind: “why do I love playing Warcraft III and, no matter how much I try to deviate, why does 4v4 always drag me back?”  The series will be split into 3 sections:-

    1. The Basics – A glossary of terms and an Introduction to 4v4 Random Team;
    2. The Catalyst – Why I feel 4v4 is such a fun game type and why I see it as so important to the continued success of Warcraft III alongside being a catalyst to stimulate growth for new and returning players;
    3. Analysis – Some map analysis and discussion around fun strategies and builds!

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    Underrated Strategies: Goblin Alchemist

    "Bob and weave, you fool!"

    With a distinct character, blazing of flavour and with hilarious quotes (that among other things features the ever so smooth Marvin Gaye), the Goblin Alchemist is easily my favorite Warcraft 3 character. Unfortunately, we rarely see the peculiar Goblin/Ogre duo in competitive play. This leads many to believe that Alchemist is a lousy hero choice with no use. However, I think there is more than meets the eye with this lovely brute.