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    4v4 – What it means to Warcraft III (RTS) [Part 2 – The Catalyst]

    A substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected.


    Hello everyone, and welcome back to the second episode of my all-things 4v4 series!  If you missed the first part or want a quick refresher head over to this link, grab some popcorn and enjoy!

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    Strategy General

    4v4 – What it means to Warcraft III (RTS) [Part 1 – The Basics]

    Hello and welcome to my 3-part series discussing all things 4v4 Random Team in Blizzard’s Real Time Strategy game Warcraft III!  When I started writing this article I had one thought in my mind: “why do I love playing Warcraft III and, no matter how much I try to deviate, why does 4v4 always drag me back?”  The series will be split into 3 sections:-

    1. The Basics – A glossary of terms and an Introduction to 4v4 Random Team;
    2. The Catalyst – Why I feel 4v4 is such a fun game type and why I see it as so important to the continued success of Warcraft III alongside being a catalyst to stimulate growth for new and returning players;
    3. Analysis – Some map analysis and discussion around fun strategies and builds!

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    Strategy Undead

    Underrated Strategies: Gargoyles versus Night Elf

    Many Undead players used to utilise gargoyles when playing against Night Elf, but over the years the strategy has become more and more rare. In this article we will take a look at what the merits of the stategy is and why it has left the meta!

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    Strategy Human

    Underrated Strategies: Naga Tower Rush

    Doing an immediate tower rush against Night Elf players is rarely seen, but it is a great strategy that can take out an unprepared opponent in a quick fashion!

    Read the article below to learn more about the strategy, where we will use a match between TH000 and Moon as an example!

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    Strategy Human

    How To Basic: Human

    Human units for the most part are fragile and without much brute force, but they take advantage of carefully developed technology and magic, to bring foes to their knees. 


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    Underrated Strategies: Goblin Alchemist

    "Bob and weave, you fool!"

    With a distinct character, blazing of flavour and with hilarious quotes (that among other things features the ever so smooth Marvin Gaye), the Goblin Alchemist is easily my favorite Warcraft 3 character. Unfortunately, we rarely see the peculiar Goblin/Ogre duo in competitive play. This leads many to believe that Alchemist is a lousy hero choice with no use. However, I think there is more than meets the eye with this lovely brute.