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  • RehcraM 1 month ago

    Hey guys!

    I am happy to announce that we now have a Strategy category for our articles! As you all probably know, WC3 has a very steep learning curve. By making written guides we will try to ease the learning experience for newcommers. The section will also feature more off-meta articles that, hopefully, will be appealing to the more seasoned readers as well.

    We are currently working on releasing guides that covers the very basics of each article. If you have requests for any kind of strategy guides you would be interested in reading please post your ideas here in this thread!

    I look forward to be hearing you guys' requests!

  • Floss2xdaily 1 month ago

    Hey glad this strat section is up, am excited to see what shows up, and hopefully to contribute.  I think new players would really appreciate guides (maybe with youtube link examples) of



    1) How to efficiently creep certain camps with minimal loss of health.  For example, the goblin lab on TS is something that vets can do blindly, but a newbie might love to know that you can rally your altar, and complete that camp with a little to no loss of health on your units, if you have two footies, 4 militia, and know how to draw the purge before you drop your WE, (and also drop your WE right in between the two bandits), etc.   Or what to do if you get LS on your unit instead of a purge.   Or another example about how you creep the lab on Twisted Meadow.  Second nature for vets, very intimidating for newbies.

    2) AOW Creeping

    3) Creep routes.  What is most efficient way to get to level 3.  For example on EI, you can go Merc Camp, green directly above, and then expo, and get yourself to 3.1.  3 camps, finished very shortly after nightfall.  Or, alternatively, if merc camp is too difficult to pull during the day, you can go Top green with 3 militia, gnoll green just south of camp to get lvl 2.  Night fall will hit just as you're getting to Merc camp, (and bonus, the bersekrer will also be available), finishing that camp gets you 2.9.  Then you can go anywehre on the mpa to get lvl 3 (or kill an enemy worker, etc).



    1) AM, DK, BM, and DH play

    2) Standard/Meta unit comps in each matchup.



    1) When to use hold position, when to use A - move, when to just you "move" command.  How to pull back hurt units.  How to move around the map using mini-map.  Hot keys and control groups vs. click drag.


    Basically anything and everything!

  • David 1 month ago

    For 2) We had some good videos that war3kr posted on the old forum. I will try to recover them from the old database.

  • Wc3tutor 1 month ago

    more strats can be found on the Azeroth Forums http://Wc3Azeroth.Boards.Net/

  • RehcraM 1 month ago

    Awesome, Wc3tutor! I'm always happy seeing people putting an effort into helping other players. Truly a selfless thing to do! 

    Please, however, ask us for permission before promoting your content on our page. Since we both produce guides in line with eachother it may strike some of our writers as shameless self-promoting - thus it may create very unecessary and quite unfortunate tensions. After all we want the same thing! :)

  • Floss2xdaily 1 month ago

    First off, love that many of these articles will be written as opposed to just embeds for videos.  Nice to read things.  Following is envisioning a newbie to beginning player.  I pose my questions as if human, but I'm sure newbies (and vets alike?) would be interested in comparable content for all races.

    More ideas for strategy content:


    - Scouting - Altar peasant vs. footman vs. scout farms.  What to look for? How far away to keep the unit?  When to just stay in field of army's vision, when to go in and try to pressure the creeping or try and get last hit?  When to go and locate army when to send your unit into base look around slash harass workers.


    - Using merc camps and shops effectively.  What maps/matchups/(spawn locations w/ regard to TM) use these best?  When do i need boots of speed, when can I afford not to get them?  When shoudl I also be getting staff of teleportation.  Dust of appearance?


    - Non meta, but fun builds.  Greedy builds like no barracks tech.  Ultra greedy builds like no barracks, fast expo, fast tech.  Mass footmen on one base.  Mass footmen on two bases.  Tier 1 tower rush, tier 2 tower rush.  What maps and matchups favor these types of strats.


    - How to deal with early harass while creeping.  When DK/DH/BM come upon you when you're creeping one of your first few camps, when do you (a) give up the entire creep camp and run away; (b) stop creeping and send all your force to the offending hero; (c) continue creeping but send a few units to attack enemy hero; (d) run away with hero but continue to creep with your WE + Footmen + militia, etc.


    - How to deal with early harass in your base.  When to close base.  How about keeping base semi-open and closing to lock in an aggressive hero.  How early shoudl arcane tower be? How many militia shoudl I pull off lumber to attack that one ghoul, or two footies, or two skellies that are sitting in my gold line / attacking my lumber peasants.


    - A survey of people's control groups


  • RehcraM 1 month ago

    Thanks for taking the time to write this, Floss. I hope you know that it is appreciated and very helpful!

  • Wc3tutor 1 month ago

    "Please, however, ask us for permission before promoting your content on our page."

    I talked to you about it before, but since you erased the old forum I didnt know where to post, this new forum is not organized I just now realized how you have 4 sections but only the 2 main posts show up, the old one you had seemed better especially since you erased some of the old stuff :(

    "it may create very unecessary and quite unfortunate tensions."

    I also thought this thread said Requesting Content which is why I posted :)
    wasnt trying to create tension, just thought we were allies lol!

  • David 1 month ago

    @wc3tutor The old forum didn't perform well and let's face it: It was barely used. This one is much lighter and more appropriate to our needs. You bring up some valid points though. I will improve some things here in the future but it's not a top priority since there are many more things that need to be done and I am just one person with a full-time job. If some important content of yours was lost, let me know. The old database still exists. Also I can always add more sections, but it feels useless to add sections when people don't use them ;)

    PS: It's fine to post some content from other websites here but I agree with RehcraM that a thread named "Requests for content in Strategy Section" is not the place to do it. No hard feelings though.

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