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  • David 2 months ago

    Hey guys,

    Two months ago, I set out to completely rebuild the website to improve performance and make it easier to scale this project in the future. Today, I am happy to finally release the result of countless of hours of work.

    Feel free to explore the new website. Here are some of the key features:

    • Translation option for main menu
    • Improved front page
    • Improved replay section
    • Improved comments
    • One global user account for the whole website


    Important notice: Since the website was rebuilt from the ground up, old user accounts had to be deleted. You will have to make a new one. Sorry! But hey - at least you can pick your favorite hero or unit as avatar!

    There are some features which existed on the last version of the website but don't exist on this one. Don't worry, I will rebuild most of them but this will take some more time.

    Features that will make an (improved) comeback in the future:

    • Customized search (especially for replays and matches)
    • Farsight
    • Fantasy League (probably)


    In the next weeks, I will most likely be busy with fixing issues here and there. I also want to improve this forum a bit. For instance, I want a quote function.

    If there are any issues, please report them here.



  • Jampion 2 months ago

    Congratualtions on the new webiste.

    I tried to change my avatar, but my access was denied (YOU SHALL NOT PASS :D).

    Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work.

  • David 2 months ago

    Thanks. Will be fixed in a couple of minutes ;)

  • Death.k.Night 2 months ago

    The front page is so clearly structured now =) well done!

  • Niels 2 months ago

    Nice job, congratulations on the release!

  • MR_Moonstruck 2 months ago

    The new website looks amazing! Very clear structure, and the new avatars are hype!

  • Diesko 2 months ago

    The new design is awesome, thanks for your work. I'd be really looking forward to a continuation of the Fantasy League

    Only thing that I just noticed is in this case the Sonik stream info plus title is to the right of the thumbnail (the thumbnail also being a tiny bit indented):

    edit: Sonik's stream went offline and now all the streams in the sidebar look fine

  • David 2 months ago

    Thanks Diesko. Yea the stream layout has some issues, I will look into that on the weekend. Thanks ;)

  • BtpLancer 2 months ago

    Congratulations. Website looks amazing now. like your dedication to this game

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