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    Strategy Human

    How To Basic: Human

    Though Human units for the most part are fragile and without much brute force, they take advantage of carefully developed technology and magic, to bring foes to their knees. 


    05.12.17 903
    Strategy General

    Underrated Strategies: Goblin Alchemist

    "Bob and weave, you fool!"

    With a distinct character, blazing of flavour and with hilarious quotes (that among other things features the ever so smooth Marvin Gaye), the Goblin Alchemist is easily my favorite Warcraft 3 character. Unfortunately, we rarely see the peculiar Goblin/Ogre duo in competitive play. This leads many to believe that Alchemist is a lousy hero choice with no use. However, I think there is more than meets the eye with this lovely brute.