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    The notorious Orc versus Undead

    There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Orc vs Undead match up. 9 out of the 20 last Gera Cup finals were Orc vs Undead. It doesn't come as a surprise there is a lot of discussion going on about which race is favored. In fact, Russia.pngHappy's and South Korea.pngFoCuS' stats are some of the most looked up ones in our stats section. As I have been working on a new stats database (which will be released next week), I will use this opportunity to display the opinions of community members and players and highlight the main statistics about the match up.

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    Interview Statistics

    Playing on Battle.net - stats about activity and when to play

    Which server is the most active? Which time is the best to search for 1on1 or 4on4 games on Battle.net? Is it easier to find games in 2on2 or 4on4? These are some of the questions that people often ask in Wc3 forums.

    Canada.pngBearand did some amazing research on the Wc3 games played on Bnet and uploaded the results on his website https://arranged.team. Thanks to his results, we can finally get a better idea of activity on Battle.net and find optimal hours to play our favorite game.

    Let's check out some of his interesting findings and have a brief talk with bearand himself!

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    WC3 Player Earnings 2017

    Many people are wondering if there is still money to be made in Warcraft 3. Even though there are some tournaments with big prize pools such as goldWCA, goldGCS or the upcoming goldNeo Star League, the vast majority of players isn't able to claim these titles. Most prizes are won by a small amount of pro players. But who is earning the most?

    Parasect is keeping track of results and earnings. He posts these numbers once a month in the WC3 Reddit. Here are his most recent findings for the WC3 Player Earnings in 2017.

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    Does Race matter? Analyzing Tournament Statistics

    This is the year of Undead! Undead players are winning more than ever! Or are they? Sometimes, our feelings are playing tricks on us. Let’s take a look at the actual tournament data of the last 12 months to get a better idea about which races are doing well and which aren’t. The results might surprise you!