14.09.17 325

    Content Creator Highlight #1: Spaceman Spiff

    In this new series, we will highlight prominent content creators in the Warcraft III scene. The articles will consist of an overview of the featured streamer/Youtuber and an interview in which will get to know a little more about the person behind the content.

    In this pilot episode of the series,I am excited to feature Canada.pngrndSpaceman Spiff. Though he is very green at creating Youtube videos, he is already showing great potential!

    03.09.17 1091

    Interview with 120: I was not in my best shape

    Reddit user with a good ground name for a China.png120's fanbase (longliveundead) complained that I did not interview the new double GCS champion after his epic victory in Shanghai.

    True enough I did not, as I failed to connect with him for the last 5 months I did not even try. And I was convinced someone in China would do it anyway.

    But they did not... so I asked.

    30.08.17 873

    Behind the scenes E03 : China and GCS with Keke

    First time I went to cover a live event was GCS Spring 2016. I remember my meeting with Keke, seeing her running the show backstage and ordering the players around.

    She was in charge and she still is involved in most of the major events China has to offer to Warcraft 3. 

    So for my last day at GCS Summer 2017, we went to do an interview. Her first interview I believe.

    16.08.17 818

    Interview with Foggy before GCS

    As we are approaching 2017 GCS Summer Main Event, which is to take place I Shanghai on August 16-22, we’ve managed to chat up with the main hope of the foreign scene – Ukraine.pngAndrei “Foggy” Koren. We spoke about the competition, the player’s preparation and current form.

    12.08.17 1075

    Interview with Lucifer | LNMS

    I wanted to visit South Korea.pngKorea for a long time so I just went there before GCS started. I expected to meet many future GCS participants but sadly, only 3 made it: Moon, Remind and Focus.

    However after Lucifer had beaten 120 in NSL Group B final and qualified for the round of 8, I invited him for some beers. And for the first time in my Warcraft career, someone who wasn't a German Warcraft commentator was happy to have some.

    30.07.17 1101

    Preview of the new patch: Qiaolin and Neo share their opinions

    It was in 2011 that Blizzard released his last Warcraft patch that just slightly touched the mechanics of the game. It was just about fixing Hex bugs when using it against chemical rage and metamorphosis...

    After 2 more recent patches which only objectives were to bring Warcraft 3 into the modern age of video games, we finally saw on Friday at Chinajoy a major update through the revamping of the item drop system, as well with an update on the maps.

    You can know more about Blizzard's strategy by reading this interview.

    Terenas_LV was the first map to be revealed to the public on Friday at Chinajoy with a game played between China.pngorc Fly and China.pngund 120.

    Qiaolin was the official commentator on site and of course Neo woke up early to cast it live through a restream. Both of them agreed to share their feelings about those changes.

    24.07.17 1418

    Interview with Blizzard Classic Team: 1.29 in progress

    A few days before the new patch is tested during Chinajoy, Blizzard Classic Team had a little chat with esport journalist Brazil.png Forkxx about the process of balancing the game.

    Bright days ahead!

    18.07.17 1144
    Interview Statistics

    Playing on Battle.net - stats about activity and when to play

    Which server is the most active? Which time is the best to search for 1on1 or 4on4 games on Battle.net? Is it easier to find games in 2on2 or 4on4? These are some of the questions that people often ask in Wc3 forums.

    Canada.pngBearand did some amazing research on the Wc3 games played on Bnet and uploaded the results on his website https://arranged.team. Thanks to his results, we can finally get a better idea of activity on Battle.net and find optimal hours to play our favorite game.

    Let's check out some of his interesting findings and have a brief talk with bearand himself!

    08.07.17 450

    15 years of RoC: players best WC3 memories

    I was contacted a few weeks ago by the Brazilian Esport writer Brazil.pngForkxx that prepared a series of no less 6 articles about Warcraft 3 15 years anniversary!

    My part was to get players' testimonies : contacted them all, got more than a few answers. I hope you will all enjoy that little moment of Nostalgia.

    May Brazil comes back to WC3 thanks to theenemy.com.br and Forkxx!

    08.07.17 194

    Interview with Colorful: Grade A player

    We had one dinner in Shanghai with Colorful, eating hot-pot with Neo, Remo and GCS admins. They made fun of him ~ about his lack of education or something..., I did not really get it then. Now I do, and so will you!

    Colorful has progressed a lot these last weeks and far from being a "Grade 6 student", he has now become a "Grade A player"!