09.02.18 1215

    Interview With Lyn

    Reigning supreme in 2016's Warcraft, Lyn has been more absent in 2017. After a hand injury handicapping him for the first half of the year, he came back after the summer, but could not really compete with TH000 among others, and got ousted from GCS Winter by Romantic in the group stage.

    Nonetheless, 2017 will be a year to remember for him, as he got married in December during a fairy celebration.

    What are his plans for 2018? Hurricane.Bo went ahead and asked him during an interview in Chinese. Lyn lives in Chengdu and speaks Korean, Chinese and English fluently.

    30.01.18 1164

    Clan Youth: An Opportunity For Western Players

    Sheik is playing Chinese Cups such as Ifeng (RIP - say hi to Gera for us) for a long time. He has a little career in China winning prizes here and there. One day clan Youth manager Xiuxi contacted me for transferring a small prize to the Russian Undead.

    Then to Imperius...

    Then to Cash!

    I had this little idea to one day make a pure Western clan for EWCL and see how well they would do. Surely it would benchmark our players talent better than going to GCS and facing the ultra Asian elite that only Foggy can contest?

    Clan Youth kept recruiting more players with Passion and can be fairly considered now as the WC3 European legion in EWCL.

    Clan Youth is actively preparing the next season and is trying to reach out to more of our player pool - with the goal of setting up three teams for EWCL S25!

    29.01.18 1893

    Interview with Remo: Released on Bail

    I was on Liquipedia the other day and realized there was no page about Remo! What?

    I was updating players' pages, adding their interviews, many of those were made by Remo during live tournaments... and it struck me, that he himself probably had not been interviewed in the last few years.

    Remo is quite discrete on social medias and disappears from time to time, allegedly not being in jail. I've spent some time with him during 4 GCS and 1 WCA tournaments. Everything that confused me about the game or the scene, he could usually clarify.

    There is so much to talk about nowadays, it's time for Remo to explain those points to you!

    17.01.18 1046

    Romantic "Yaws is my mentor"

    Could he be the sensation of 2018? After being considered a Tier 2 player for a long time, Romantic has stepped up his game last year with two spectacular results during last GCSs.

    Reaching the 4th place in Summer, then getting out of the "group of death" in Winter, he was stopped twice by Foggy during full length series.

    Enough to talk about Foggy being his Nemesis? Not according to the young Chinese.

    For the first time in 2018, I am teaming up once again with Chatwin for an interview. Let's see what Romantic has in his mind for the upcoming year!

    21.11.17 989

    Content Creator Highlight #3: ToD

    It might, at first glance, strike one as peculiar having France.pngToD featured in the Content Creator Highlight, owing to him being so much more than a content creator in the Warcraft community. You could label ToD as a caster, a tournament organizer, a content creator and - of course - a former professional player whose name has been written down among the other legendary players.


    12.11.17 753

    XiaoKK: Dragon Tamer

    China.pngXiaoKK is having a successful second halfyear of 2017 with a GCS qualification together with reaching AWL 2017 playoffs.

    During AWL, he took out Remind pulling out a trick from his sleeve, bringing a red dragon in his opponent's base on TM. This move earned him the nickname of "Dragon Tamer" in China right after.

    He was also called a troublemaker by Laofen in our last article. How confident is he before playing on the big stage? Let's figure this out! 

    06.11.17 960

    WC3 GYM: Interview With StopClick

    A new very interesting community has sprouted over the past few months: WC3 Gym. A place where new, returning and seasoned players gather to chat about Warcraft 3 in order to improve.

    I have had the utmost pleasure of asking StopClick, the man who initiated it all, a couple of questions about his thoughts on the community.


    04.11.17 749

    So.in: Back With Ambitions

    It has been one year, since I last interviewed South Korea.pngSo.in. He had just qualified for his first GCS due to a series of rather fortunate events. He was initially eliminated, but was called back after the forfeit of France.pngAnima, then faced Ukraine.pngFoggy, who had problems with his internet connection in a key game for the qualification. This event actually led to the West having its own qualifier afterwards.

    So.in is now back in China.pngShanghai, and his qualification had nothing to do with luck this time! I, Ugrilainen, have had the pleassure of interviewing him, regarding his thoughts and expections towards the upcomming GCS.

    28.10.17 587

    Interview with Ena: A Beast of Warcraft 3

    Ena Cup #5 hype! With the biggest Ena Cup yet coming up this Saturday, I decided to take some time to get to know the tournament’s founder and namesake Ena1337. It was a good thing someone went to interview him too; with all this great information he must have been about to burst! Ena went full enal with this interview, so sit back and prepare for a wild ride.

    28.10.17 633

    Behind the scenes E04 : Korea with Huahua

    My first GCS experience at GCS Spring 2016 was not as easy as it has become afterwards. I was not really invited, nobody knew me and I was just introduced to the tournament a few days prior. I attended the tournament after talking to Neo from Back2Warcraft and agreeing to do the coverage of the event on their behalf - even though I had never written anything like that before.

    Anyway, that is when I met China.pngHuahua (Yeonhwa). I had no privilege so I needed to reach the studio on my own, hailing taxis in the street, finding my own food in a place without a single place to eat and so on... that was quite hectic. Huahua spontaneously offered me her help, securing me a seat in the official tournament car or ordering food online : a life saver!

    As she was helping out South Korea.pngLyn and was the official translator of South Korea.pngMoon, I was convinced, until very recently, that she was Korean.