XiaoKK: Dragon Tamer

12.11.17 | UgriWC3 681

China.pngXiaoKK is having a successful second halfyear of 2017 with a GCS qualification together with reaching AWL 2017 playoffs.

During AWL, he took out Remind pulling out a trick from his sleeve, bringing a red dragon in his opponent's base on TM. This move earned him the nickname of "Dragon Tamer" in China right after.

He was also called a troublemaker by Laofen in our last article. How confident is he before playing on the big stage? Let's figure this out! 

 You were inactive the first half year of 2017, what were you doing?

My wife was pregnant, so I did not have much time to play.

Is it true that you are a heavy poker player?

You mean like Warcraft 3 gambling? Not I do not gamble or very little

(Note : those Chinese rumors appear to be false nearly all the time! )

After a few months of competition, you seem stronger than before your break (AWL and GCS qualification). Any explanation?

I don't think that I raised my skill level in any way. I just have a better preparation before facing an opponent. 


Will GCS be your first live event beside WCA Wild Card?

2009 WCG Chongqing qualifier was my first offline tournament. It was also the first time when we gathered with all my Warcraft friends.
China.pngTiger ended winning the event.
China.pngBlast did not get the ticket for the China Grand Finals and retired soon after that. Later he also became my best Warcraft friend.

I asked So.in too: What made so many orcs qualify this time?

I think it has to do with the map pool and the rules of map vetoing which make all maps being good ones for orcs and at least without much disadvantages.

How do you predict your group will go with Lawliet, Infi and Focus?  

Those three (China.pngInfi, South Korea.pngFocus, South Korea.pngLawliet) are of similar level and could all qualify. I am just a rookie and probably have no chance.

What is your objective for GCS? What would you say would be a satisfying result for you?

Just trying my best to qualify for the next round and play some good matches for my audience: That is my goal.

Who is the strongest orc player at the moment?

Against  /  I would say South Korea.png Lyn.
Against  /  I like China.pngFly100% better.

What is your best memory as a Warcraft player?

I really miss the old days in 2008 when we used to play on Haofang, just beating random guys, haha.

(Note : Haofang is a Warcraft 3 online platform still operating today)

You pulled a dragon on Remind's base for your AWL victory against Remind: Where did you learn this trick from? Is it from TeD

Ha, it is not from China.pngTeD but from 2v2 teammate China.pngMr.Ah. 
He has a lot of tricks like this and I felt like that one could be used sometimes against strong players like South Korea.png Remind.
You need to be sure that the elf's base is not sealed so you can ensnare the dragon in his main!
It was the first time I ever tried it against a player, only did that with the computer before.

The dragon wreaking havoc in Remind's base

One word about your friend Laofen, he made quite the comment about you in our latest article

Haha, yes. Laofen well, he is always like that.. quite bad mannered :D

Anything you want to say to the fans or your friends? 

I really appreciate the fans' who support me. I will now spend more time practicing and play more amazing matches on my stream for you! 

Writer's note

XiaoKK is one of the easiest players in China to reach out to. A year back he helped us trying to figure out a good bot location that would allow Chinese players to compete in Gera Cups. It ultimately appeared impossible but he always gave the time and was always patient.

Much like So.in, he can beat anybody but then has a hard time confirming a big win with another. His group seems quite impossible but who knows if Mr.Ah has more useful tricks to share?


That dragon pulling is nothing to admire.. it's just bug abuse imo. Great read though :)
[quote="RinD"] That dragon pulling is nothing to admire.. it's just bug abuse imo. Great read though :) [/quote] I get your point, but I definitely find it refreshing to see something new in such an old game, even though I agree it would be dull to see it abused several times. Suspicious name, by the way :D [b]R[/b][size=75](em)[/size][b]inD[/b] 
Great interview, Ugri. Regarding the bug exploit - it is not new. Weaker Orc players, like Kodos Forsaken for instance, use it frequently and have been using it for many years. I strongly believe it should be forbidden on major (and even minor) tournaments, because exploiting it gives an Orc player an unfair advantage on the already heavily Orc-favored TM. I also like seeing "new" stuff in Warcraft 3, but definitely not bug exploits. They might be "cool" in ladder games, but not in official tournaments.
Dragon pull was seen here as a curiosity and we thought of drawing a funny image from “How to train your dragon” movie as a friendly reference. It’s in no way aimed as to be presented as an extraordinary move, even though we never saw it at this level or at least not since I follow the solo scene. Apparently a sealed base counters this move so its not an uncounterable exploit per se. XiaoKK never had an interview from us and it was long due, his qualification for GCS/AWL were the main motivation for it. I am happy you guys liked it, he is a cool guy and I wish him good luck!
The article is written really nicely. I guess I was just continuing the discussion in the comments. Regarding the exploit, I think closing the base is not the right (or ultimate) counter. Abusers, like Kodos, could play mass raiders and easily break inside the base. Or they could force the elf to open his base if they play mass air, for instance. From what I know about this bug, the dragon stops attacking the base if a tower attacks him. That is why it cannot be pulled on an Undead. Additionally, the exploit doesn't work on all positions on TM. Overall, it is really just a bug - similar to the zeppelin self-teleport, or the BM teleporting inside an opponent's closed base by dropping items, or the Elf infinite teleport when moving the tree, all of which are explicitly forbidden in most (if not all) main tournaments. I believe this exploit needs to be banned ASAP, now that it will likely gain a lot of prominence.
good points, I will raise the question to the organizers see what they think. Any famous league with still uploaded rules stating that this move is forbidden? I knew about it before as well
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