Gera Cup has ended

25.01.18 | UgriWC3 1528

Cries of despair in the streets and Warcraft players jumping from their rooftops. 

Two days after our regular "Happy beats Foggy in finals" snack, Gera Cup was no more, buried in the ground by its creator through a short statement on

Now that we have dealt with the trauma, let's reminisce Gera Cups one last time together.


Night Elves used to win something

We often make fun at those many talented NE not being able to win a final. When Gera Cup was launched on February 25th 2015, it was all about them taking turn being crowned, with the occasional Hawk or Cash getting a title here and there.

Warchiefrich was the dominant player of that era with 15 titles, his last one obtained during GCup 57th. He stopped his WC3 career after GCup 76th on September 11th, 2016, one cup before Happy got his first crown.

The golden era of GCup was probably during Cups 40th to 80th: 12 different winners in that period with Foggy and Focus claiming 8 titles each.

Happy wins

He made his entrance during Cup 68th and it took him 10 cups to claim his first title during Cup 77th. Nobody really knew then, but the wolf was in the hen-house. I just do not have enough vocabulary to describe his domination... bulldozer? He won 40 of the last 60 editions with a record 6 victories in a row at the end.

GCup looked like the Scottish Premier league in the end. All these victories, from a retired player officially just playing as an entertainer, made us all wish he was more than that and went on to walk over the Chinese elite as well. This is a role he did not want to take and that is his right of course.

Most successful players of Gera Cup

Gera's statement

Gera's explanation through a forum post posted by Hundredkg has stirred some limited controversy. He wanted the competition to stop because Hawk went inactive and due to Happy not going to GCS. Gera also lost interest and barely watched any games anymore.

Gera was one of the biggest donators to financially support  Happy on his way to GCS Summer 2017. So here we were, with many pointing fingers at Happy once more as the one to blame. He felt like answering through another statement there.

Gera never communicated much with the scene or even the admins of his competition. The only real time was during Gera Cup 100th when he started a crowdfunding campaign to get 100 more Gera Cups. The goal was reached and yet, we are stopping 42 cups later. I am not complaining, Gera gave at least 14,200$ to Warcraft and we are grateful. 

As Happy explained, GCup was in a fragile state, and it was bound to end sooner or later. An economic system relying on the motivation of a single person is just not viable. 

Gera Cup 100 Grand Finale - FoCuS versus Happy

Things we lost in the fire

Let's not be over-dramatic about what just happened. We lost a major sponsor, but of an out of breath event. It had become a recurring joke internationally to comment about Happy winning yet another one.

As the 100$ were given only to the winners, Happy is likely the only person to really suffer economically from Gera Cup passing. He will have to think about his next steps.

For the rest of the players, there is no economic blow.

The real loss is the one of our favorite moments of Sunday afternoons, watching Back2Warcraft, Foggy or Happy on stream. This has to be replaced by an alternative as soon as possible. I know that Back2Warcraft is discussing making such an alternative, but unfortunately I can't unveil too much about it yet. Expect more news in the next few days from Neo!

Gera's achievements

What will history remember about Gera Cups?

Probably that it brought Korean and European players and administrators closer together. 42 cups were won by Koreans and they really spiced things up.

It was also the laboratory from which our best elements learned to compete at higher level. Gera stimulated the European scene and it probably helped Foggy in his journey to reach GCS finals last Winter.

Playlist of all Gera Cups in 2017


We can thank again this elite list of admins that secured hosting and faced the never ending complains of our favorite players:  Morozov, Kaiseris, Abstraktz, Greenfield, X3-Demon, Hundredkg and many others.

Last word is for Gera. On Feb 13th 2015, he decided to send the following message to Morozov. 12 days later, WarchiefRich won the first cup. Thank you for everything.

"привет, есть желание донатить по 100 долларов в неделю на турнир по варику, по типу зотака. сможешь ли помочь и что требуется от меня?"*

*hi, I want to donate $100 weekly for a cup like Zotac, can you help with the organization and anything else that is required of me?




The end of a great Age. The beginning of another Age of Pride for Warcraft 3? That depends on us, I beleive.
I made a small overview of the participants over time: The "golden era" was definitely the most eventful, but no coincidence; with Gera Cup 50 having a large prize pool, European WCA qualifiers, GCS qualifiers, and patch hype, players had plenty of reason to practice extra hard and try their best in cups. This resulted in a lot of participants and exciting cups with differing winners. I'm a bit sad to see the decline in the number of participants since Gera #100. It can probably be related to a number of causes, but my initial guess is that not only Gera himself lost interest in WC3 in this period, but some of the regular participants as well.
It's a pitty loss. I think the game is still rising. 41 cups won by Happy.. what a beast p.d: Admins, I tried to add new content on forum but when i click on 'create post' the website exploted. Can you guys check if something went wrong?
Thanks for letting us know. We are on it! :)
The community is solid. We will overcome :)
This is indeed sad, but I'll be honest: I probably missed more than half of the cups lately, solely because of Happy. He's a very good player, but it's so boring to watch him in the finals every time. He also distances himself from the community and concentrates on money (which is understandable) and money alone. When he had WCG qualifiers back then, our country had a similar player. Noone played him because he only played ladder, he didn't get involved in the community and every time he won the qualis and went on to participate in the WCG where he failed miserably and disappeared again for a whole year. I think this type of attitude is very destructive towards the overall health of the game, especially this game, where only the passion of players keep the game going. I don't know what would be the correct answer to this (or maybe I'm the only one who was bothered by this), but if another cup emerges, I'm sure similar things will happen.
No edit it seems so I'll correct because it's very misleading: when WE had, not him, as in Happy
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