This Week in Warcraft: 16th-22nd January

22.01.18 | RehcraM , Pimz696 , MR_Moonstruck 269

The first big cup of 2018, Seer Cup, has been concluded this week with loads of great matches to watch. Read below to catch up on the latest results in the competitive scene.

Seer Cup - Finals

Date: Wednesday January 17th – Sunday January 21st
Cast by: Back2Warcraft

Bracket: SPOILER
VODs: Back2Warcraft Youtube



Losing 2-0 against Infi in his first match in the playoffs, things looked grim for Chaemiko.
The underdog did, however, impress immensely throughout his run in the loser's bracket, fist beatin Lucifer and Life before getting eliminated by Lyn 1-2.

Lyn moved on and dominated FoCuS 3-0 in an extremely confident-looking manner.

In the finale Lyn faced off against Infi who had made it through the winner bracket, earning himself a 1-0 advantage in the Grand Finale's bo7 match. The match featured very exciting games that ultimately turned out in Lyn's favour 4-3, allowing him to take the first prize consisting of $1,200.


Gera Cup #142

Date: Sunday January 21st
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VODs: Back2Warcraft (starts at 03:59:03)


For the sixth week in a row, Happy took the win, extending his impressive record from 5 consecutive first places to 6!

This week he - again - faced off against Foggy in the finale, beating him 3-0.


Hols Cup Weekly #19

Date: Wednesday January 17th
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Youtube (finals only)

Hols Cup is a one-day cup hosted weekly by the Korean streaming company NicegameTV. The prize pool is usually a few hundred dollars guaranteed, plus what the viewers donate. The cup has run since June, 2017, and is played on the NetEase-servers.


FoCuS cements himself as the most successful player of Hols Cup Weekly with his fourth gold medal. Congratulations!


Psichodelica Cup

Date: Thursday January 18th
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Youtube (finals only)

Psichodelica Cup is a one-day cup sponsored by  psichodelica. The tournament is hosted by and played on the W3A-servers, with an ~$50 prize pool.

Playing out like a standard European tournament, Sheik, Sonik, Xelsing, Blade, Lucifer, and Orcworker were all eliminated from the quarter finals onward until only Foggy and Happy remained. Foggy was unable to take his second ever BO5 from Happy, who won the finals 3-1.


Vitalius Cup #8

Date: Friday January 19th
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Youtube (finals only)

Vitalius 2v2 Cup is a weekly 2v2 cup hosted by, played on W3A. This was the final edition of the cup.

The final Vitalius Cup saw a surprising first round in which team TopNotch, consisting of Happy and Cash, was eliminated in the first round by Godprisal, consisting of Reprisal and Lucifer. Godprisal was then eliminated by Sheik and Imperius, who in turn lost the finals to and LawLiet.


Madness Cup 5

Date: Saturday January 20th
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
VOD: Hi2Chaco Youtube


A random race random hero FFA between Blade, Orcworker, Deathnote, Lucifer, Foggy, Happy, Cash, and Bizarre.

Happy was once again the victor of Madness Cup.


MooCup #113

Date: Monday, January 22nd
Cast by: Marsimoo
VOD: Marsimoo's Twitch channel

Marsimoo organised another edition of his weekly random hero, random race event! Never before have we seen this many Death Knights bestowed on us by the RNG.


After losing last week to Happy in the finals, Lucifer was back with a vengeance. He drew Happy in the semi finals this time around. When Happy not only got his main race, Undead, but double Death Knight to boot, it seemed the stars were aligned against Luci, and he naturally lost this game. The second game was different, as Lucifer got to kill Happy's Blood Mage with his Death Knight/Crypt Lord combo, which had Happy tapping out quickly. The last game of these semi finals saw Happy get a Mountain King which synergised well with his moon wells, and then he even got Keeper second, spelling doom on Lucifer's grunts. Lucifer got Death Knight with Dread Lord second, and the game went back and forth for almost half an hour. Both players got an expand, but Lucifer was able to destroy Happy's, and in the end the 80 food Orc army proved too much to handle.

In the other semi finals, Sonik and Blade also went all the way, with Sonik getting an Alchemist with Human against Night Elf in the last game, and decides to go for a tower push, killing the Ancients of Lore. Defense by Blade is very good despite losing his T2 production building, and the game is decided late game with knights/mortars vs dryads/bears, which sees Sonik go to the finals.

In the finale, Luci gets gets Human with Mountain King, while Sonik gets the beautiful combination of Orc with Dreadlord. The Dreadlord gets surrounded twice while Luci harasses him, and Sonik taps out after 4 minutes. The second game is a Night Elf mirror, with the advantage to Lucifer: he gets Demon Hunter against Soniks Paladin. Lucifer is able to take his opponent's army apart quite convincingly despite the healer hero, and when his Naga gets some forked lightnings off against Sonik's Talons, this game is also won by the Korean, earning him the 113th MooCup title!



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RIP Gera Cup. No Happy cup anymore
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