This Week in Warcraft: 5th-11th December

11.12.17 | RehcraM , Pimz696 , MR_Moonstruck 448

With it being the order of the week, there have been a ton of great 2v2 matches in the past week, with the conclusion of TeD Cup! Read the gazette and get up-to-date with the results of that tournament and many others!

TeD 2v2 Cup - Finals

Date:  Saturday and Sunday December 9th-10th 
Cast by: Back2Warcraft and Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Youtube (Finals and Game for 3rd Place)


A 2v2 Tournament sponsored by TeD and his fans.


This weekend saw the exciting conclusion of TeD’s 2v2 Cup! After being defeated in the first series, Infi and TH000 managed to defeat their rivals Yumiko and WFZ to take third place. This left the 2016 GCS Spring world champions Fly100% and Zhou_Xixi in the finals. With no TeD and Hainu to stop them like in the Fall of 2016, it was up to a relatively new team of 120 and XiaoKK to stop them.

Looking to prove that you don't need a Night Elf to win a 2v2 tournament, 120 and XiaoKK had their work cut out for them as Fly and Xixi took two of the first 3 maps with a very strong Keeper mass huntresses, mass expansion strategy, in which the duo would win a fight by picking off fiends with entangle hunt/blademaster focus fire and then use their new found map control to gain an insurmountable economic advantage. This style of play strongly countered 120 and XiaoKK’s TC first double barracks grunt, mass fiend strategy.

Fly and Xixi had six bases by the time they made their final push on 120's last goldmine on Lost Temple

Fly and Xixi had six bases by the time they made their final push on 120's last goldmine on Lost Temple

It seemed Fly and Xixi were unstoppable as even Neo called the series over after the duo won a fight on the fourth map, Death Trap, and began to set up their first expansion. 120 and XiaoKK were determined not to give up, however, and managed to drag the map on until not a single player was mining gold. Facing a much larger army, Fly and Xixi were forced to concede and the series was taken to the deciding map, Goldshire.

After such a crazy series it was hard to determine who was winning the final map as history played itself out, until Fly and Xixi managed to catch 120 and XiaoKK, both without a teleport, in a creep jack sandwich. With Fly coming in from the South, Xixi at the North, and even some creeps from the West, 120 and XiaoKK were stuck with their back against some trees and nowhere to run. Unfortunately for Fly and Xixi fans, the orc undead team didn’t need anywhere to run. With destroyer upgrade finished, 120 managed to take out Fly’s +36 attack Blademaster early on in the fight, and without a damage dealer Fly and Xixi completely fell apart. The Night Elf/Orc team managed to come back into the game with some zeppelin harass and split push to cover an expansion going up, but 120 and XiaoKK’s armies were two formidable, and they earned the gg and TeD Cup’s $1200 prize pool after storming Fly’s base.

A timely destroyer upgrade stopped this creep jack sandwich from ending the game for 120 and XiaoKK

A timely destroyer upgrade stopped this creep jack sandwich from ending the game for 120 and XiaoKK

Hols Cup Weekly #14

Date: Tuesday December 5th
Cast by: Netherlands.pngHi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Youtube

Hols Cup is a one-day cup hosted weekly by the Korean streaming company NicegameTV, and played on NetEase-servers.

The Grand Fnale of this week's Hols Cup was between 120 and Infi. 120 looked strong in the matches leading up to the final. In the finals, Infi opted to switch from hHuman (his main race) to Random, thus playing off-race the entire Grand Finale. Though Infi is great at playing off-race, he was no match to 120 after randoming Undead on the first two maps and Night Elf on the final map, hitting the last nail in the coffin 3-0 in 120's favour.

Unfortunate that we didn't get the opportunity to see the two play to their potential against each other this time. 

Gera Cup #137

Date: Sunday December 10th
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Youtube

Gera Cup is a weekly Russian cup with about 100$ for the winner. The tournament is hosted by, and played on the W3A-servers.


Although OrcWorker managed to take a map from FoCuS, he was eliminated in the Semi Finals 2-1. In the Grand Finale FoCuS faced off against a well-known face in the finale; Happy, who had previously eliminated Foggy 2-0.

Turtle Rock is, by many, considered a map tipping in the Undead's favour for the matchup. That was however, surprisingly, the map that FoCuS ended up winning. The match still ended 3-1 in Happy's favour, thus winning him yet another Gera Cup, making it his 35th 1st place in Gera Cup's history.

pG Cup #9

Date: Saturday December 9th
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Hi2Chaco Twitch (starts 02:30:00)


After OrcWorker beating Happy 2-1 and SoniK beating Lucifer 2-1 in the semifinals, we saw a grand final with two underdogs of the cup.

OrcWorker ended up taking the victory over SoniK after confidently beating him 3-0.

Vitalius Cup

Date: Friday December 8th
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER

Vitalus Cup is a 2v2 Russian Cup organized by hundredkg on This edition featured teams such as Foggy and Pooh, OrcWorker and Deathnote, Blade and Bizzare, LawLiet and, Lucifer and Check, and Happy and Cash.

Does it surprise anyone when Happy dominates a European Cup anymore? The Russian duo did not drop a single map all tournament, beating LawLiet and in the finals (which occurred after 5am for the Asian players) to earn ~$100 between themselves.

MooCup #110

Date: Monday December 11th 
Cast by: Germany.pngMarsimoo
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Germany.pngMarsimoo's Twitch Channel

Another MooCup featuring what MooCup is best known for: random hero, random race! This week's final featured some players who don't usually make it all the way!


Happy and Foggy usually do quite well in random MooCups, owing to their experience and good micro. This time however, both were taken out by a stellar Lucifer, who got to play against Anima in the Finals.

The first map, Anima was the clear favourite, getting the Human mirror on Terenas Stand. Anima's Farseer then got the kill twice on Luci's Pandaren, even as it was cowering in the main base, causing Lucifer to tap out. The second game, Anima gets Orc and his heroes steadily level up as Lucifer, for some reason, keeps losing Gryphons to him. Lucifer did manage to take this game on account of his expand though, which was never even scouted by Anima, so the best of three went all the way.

On Echo Isles, Anima gets Night Elf with Naga, and later even a Warden, while Lucifer gets Orc, with a brutal Death Knight/Bloodmage combo. Lucifer seems to dominate despite losing his grunts early on, but Anima fights himself back into the game with dryads and later bears. Still, there's little he can do against the banish/coil combo, and Lucifer's raiders prevent him from competing on economy. All said and done, Lucifer decided the 110th MooCup 2-1 by defeating the Human player on economy!



2v2 cup was pretty good to see. I've never seen wyvs + hippo raiders combo. Pretty good though.
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