This Week in Warcraft: 21st-27th November

27.11.17 | RehcraM , Pimz696 508

AWL having come to its conclusion and the commencement of the refreshing 2v2 tournament organized by TeD, we still have a ton of excitement, even though GCS is now over. Read the gazette below to get yourself up-to-date!

AfreecaTV Warcraft3 League (AWL) Season 2

Date: 21st-22nd November
Cast by: NicegameTV

Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: South Korea.pngNicegameTV Youtube

The AfreecaTV Warcraft3 League Season 2 is a tournament sponsored by the Korean broadcasting platform Afreeca TV in collaboration with NicegameTV, and played on the NetEase-servers. It is the successor to NWL.

It's an invitational event, 16 players join in; half of them Chinese, the other half Korean.


China.pngTH000 once again confirmed his capability to defeat South Korea.pngMoon, though it was not without breaking a sweat, ending the match 3-2.

In the grand finale, TH000 got beaten by South Korea.pngLawLiet, who had an impressive showing. Although TH000 tried to hard counter LawLiet's Warden on the last map with Mountain King and Bloodmage, LawLiet prevailed and took the match - and thereby the tournament - with a 4-2 victory.

South Korea.pngMoon ended on a third place after beating South Korea.pngLyn for it.

TeD 2v2 Cup

Date: 23rd-26th November
Cast by: China.pngTeD and Netherlands.pngHi2Chaco

Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Netherlands.pngHi2Chaco Youtube

TeD 2v2 Cup is a 2v2 tournament hosted by player-come-caster TeD.


The Group Stage has slowly been unfolding during the last week. Especially two China.pngChinese teams stand out: 120 / XiaoKK (3-0) and Yumiko / WFZ (2-0).

Although Yumiko and WFZ had been looking a tad shaky in their victories (both ending 2-1), they can justify it, having faced very strong opponents already: China.pngFly / China.pngZhou_xixi  and South Korea.pngLucifer / South Korea.pngReminD.

Gera Cup #135

Date: 26th November
Bracket: SPOILER

Gera Cup is a weekly Russian cup with about one hundred $ for the winner. The tournament is hosted by, and played on the W3A-servers.


Having now won 18 of the last 24 Gera Cups, this week's victor take yet another Gera Cup first place. You guessed it; it is Russia.pngHappy!

This week he faced off against South Korea.pngFoCuS in the Grand Finale and beat him 3-2. 

Having won all the maps in which he used Pit Lord, it may perhaps be about time we see a nerf coming Pit Lord's way?

Congratulations to Happy for taking the 1st place once again!


MooCup #108 - Full Random

Date: 27th November
Cast by: Germany.pngMarsimoo

Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Germany.pngMarsimoo's Twitch Channel

German streamer Marsimoo hosts the weekly MooCup, which is always an interesting watch. Especially when, like this week, the format is random hero + random race, where we get to see the (mainly European) top players handle the craziest hero and race combinations.


With regulars such as Ukraine.pngFoggy and Ukraine.pngSonik not attending this week, it was up to Russia.pngHawk give the favourite, Russia.pngHappy, a run for his money.

In the first round, Russia.pngImperius got lucky and got to play Human, his first hero being Panda, the second Priestess of the Moon. In typical fashion he dispatched LexBG with his rifleman push. In the second round, however, he was less lucky and got beaten by Russia.pngHawk, who was clearly in good shape.

Belarus.pngOrcWorker is another a regular, but his early pressure with Human/Shadow Hunter against Russia.pngSheik (playing Night Elf) didn't pay off, and Sheik's dryad bear army supported by Farseer/Paladin got rid of his exe easily, dropping Worker in the second round already.

In the semifinals, Happy won a quick 2-0 against South Korea.pngLucifer, despite them playing an Undead mirror the second game. The other semifinals were decided between Russia.pngCash' mass abomination with Shadow Hunter and Mountain King against Hawk's mass rifles with Shadow Hunter and Blood Mage. Hawk managed to keep the SH and MK low on mana, and kited the abo army across the map, killing them piecemeal.

Hawk's luck ran out in the Finals against Happy, however. In the first game, Hawk appeared to be more lucky with his hero, getting the Warden, but when Happy's Crypt Lord caught up with her, he tapped out after a short game. The second game was a Night Elf mirror on Echo Isles, with Happy getting the better hero, namely the Naga Sea Witch against Hawk's Firelord. The Naga with mass dryad proved enough to kill the squishy hero and his army, landing Happy another MooCup (and the €25,- prize pool)!



21th November Gera Cup #134
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