Xun at GCS Asia Qualifiers : one last step

28.05.2017 |Ugrilainen0 comments

 About to go on my Sunday lunchbreak...

Ugri, you need to talk to China.pngundXun! There is so much controversy!

My friend Chatwin is really active on Chinese forums and Xun's performance seemed to have totally overshadowed anything else that happened : China.pngrndSini beating South Korea.pngorcFocus and South Korea.pngelfLawliet?

South Korea.pngelfMoon and South Korea.pngelfRemind coming back to GCS?

Xun unexpectedly reached the final 6 of the competition. He was one finger away to punch his ticket for Shanghai. What happened then?

I just checked with him if he had just been interviewed. No? Alright, let's just send some questions before eating!

A caster who can play

B2W and I met with Xun once last GCS, he went there as a caster like our German buddies. He shoutcasted sometimes with China.pngelfColorful, sometimes with another Chinese caster whom I forgot the name of, but I do remember that he had a fancy white shirt with black sleeves : it looked like he had no arm on screen!

Xun during makeup before going live

Xun does not only cast, he is also a well respected UD player. Quite like Germany.pngRemo and Germany.pngNeo in fact!

In the Round of 64, he benefited from the forfeit of China.pngelfXixi to qualify in an easier group.

In the R16, he finished first in a group that included China.pngelfColorful, South Korea.pngorc whO (that eliminated Infi previously) and China.pngrndSini. Right after, he made a quick 2-0 work of the notoriously entertaining South Korea.pngelfYange.

He went to face the legend South Korea.pngelfMoon right after, and this is where our story begins...

A few words with Xun

 A little presentation

Hello everyone, I am Xun, a Chinese UD player, 27 years old, married. I am a salesman for a construction material company.

I stream at night (afternoon in Europe) you can have a look. As for my best results, I am afraid that I only won some small cups and other regional tournaments.

Ranked in the top 6 of this qualifier

I trained a lot this last month, playing 10 to 15 ladder games per day. Watched many games from the best UD players. My performance is nothing exceptional, it is a decent result.

Xun and WFZ during last GCS (© Ugrilainen ^^)

 Lost 1-2 to Moon in Winner Bracket

The 2nd game on LR was my best game. I was on the verge of GG facing a lvl 5 Panda with my reduced army, Moon had double expanded...

He started to play a little sloppy and it was my chance to reverse the situation. Moon was then in a difficult situation and was looking for a comeback opportunity.

I did not want to fight his panda in his main close to the moon-wells so I took my time and played carefully : with my DK aura and my scouting shade to chase the remaining Moon's forces around. I kept one wyrm in my base for defense, on in his main for offense.

We were both revealed at this point, both losing our mains without any worker alive.

It may have looked to the viewers that I was dragging the game too long for no reason but I was not totally sure that he lost all his wisps and I had to be careful. The lack of information that we may have in a game is one of the charm of Warcraft.