The Future is Ours! Introducing the Farsight Calculator

10.05.17 | David 3

I have been working a new feature: The Farsight Calculator

The Farsight Calculator uses historic match data to predict winning odds between two players.

I have built a page to check the direct prediction between two players and one to predict a whole tournament grid starting from quarter finals. You can access both of them here.

You can find some information on how it works beneath the calculator. If you have more questions, feel free to post a comment or contact me on Twitter!

By the way, you may have noticed the grid in the picture. This is the prediction for the upcoming GCS Western Qualifier #1. Please note that the actual tournament has a lower bracket which is not included in the prediction. Therefore, the prediction only applies to the upper bracket. Will the players this Saturday perform as predicted or are we in for some surprises?


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