Behind the scenes E01: Russia with Hundredkg

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Behind the scenes ~ Russia

Ivan Glazkin

an original series

David and I came up with an idea : basically, working together! We needed more than that of course, something original. What about those women and men that work behind the scene to provide the fans with content? Those that matter and we hardly know or talk about?

"Behind the scenes" will try to put some light on their activity, views and feelings about the scene in general. We will jump in between continents in what we hope will be an interesting and successful journey!

First step : destination Moscow / Russia with Russia.pnghundredkg, manager of vk group "welovewarcraft3" and doing way more than just that.

 What does your nickname mean exactly?

That's just my weight... I weigh 100 kg on a scale...

Well indeed, it did not strike me the first time we talked that hundredkg=100kg. Quite an interesting nickname if you ask me. Should I do the same, mine would be probably "67kgbeforevacations72after".

I need a real diet now... but I don't worry, with all of Foggy's advises about eating nuts and watermelon, I should be back in shape in no time!

Foggy's ace card

When I met with Ukraine.pngelfFoggy the first time, he was only interested into two things : training and checking what was up with his group on VK :

On his way to beat China.pnghumTH000 at GCS Fall, Foggy took an important decision. He gave control over the group he had created in 2015 to his friend. Ivan was an important stream moderator on his channel and already took care of the group during GCS Spring. Foggy had no time to update the group regularly and wanted to focus on gaming.

Anyway what started as a fan group evolved in a full news site that was no longer solely about Foggy but about the whole scene. It is maybe the most complete news place for Warcraft, reporting equally about the pro and amateur scene every day.

The group is now 2735 members strong and gained 700 followers since Ivan took over. A simple strawpoll can get up to 650 votes. I wish I had that much activity on my twitter page (*cough cough*) ! Foggy and Hundredkg works with two other comrades, Dimi4 (designs) and x3-Demon ("a real encyclopedia of Warcraft").

Ivan also appears regularly on Foggy's stream for a special segment "Dialogues with Hundred" which is quite popular.

Why did you become a big fan of Foggy?

I was never close to scene or community, only played WC3 at and watched some replays for many years. Just once in 2015 I came to Twitch looking for some WC3 content and found Foggy’s stream at later and started watching it, reading chat, getting deeper into the community news etc.

Although I never played for Night Elves myself, I found it very interesting. I felt close to Foggy in his approach of communication, attention, self-criticism and, most of all, his mental education.

Can we say  that you became his right hand?

Yes, we became more than just a streamer and viewer, he is for sure one of my closest “pen pals”. We have a common passion with WC3 and the VK group and similar view to many things around it.

His approach of a well brought-up person lead to the fact that I started to help him with any WC3/stream activity.

Foggy sent WCA signed mouse pads as presents to Ivan 

The mountain that organizes

(I hope some of you will get the GoT reference... right?)

You sir are banned from the competition!

Ivan rapidly evolved from a news/community manager to a competition organizer in chief early 2017, helping to host games for European local competitions. The scene needs those guys that agree to spend their afternoon hosting games, starting them and leaving them right away to start another, or deal with an angry player complaining about a 10 ms ping difference. Hi Russia.pngKaiseris! Our regards goes to you too.

Organizing an event is also taking care of its promotion (without viewers no purpose right?), players registration, grid updating, gathering replays and transferring prizes to the winner. Being an admin is no small task.

With his many contacts within the Russian scene and then the whole European one, Ivan was approached by sponsors that wanted to give prize money to make European Warcraft more active. The most notorious one wasRussia.pngAgrig in February/March 2017 that funded many events including some I was part of, the FFA race based game for example (one out of many "Agrig Fun games" events).

Ivan progressively extended his contacts to Korea and China and works worldwide nowadays.

Note that he does not take care of the pros only, he also cares about the noobs amateurs as well, as shows his "Peka Cup", only allowed for low rate % players.

Some of Hundredkg created or co-created events 

How do you deal with the money in your events?

Since I started,I didn’t keep any funds from WC3 for myself even though sometimes fans suggest that I could keep some of the prize money to myself.

Fortunately, my job allows me to support WC3 cups time- and moneywise and I don’t count this hobby as a way to earn anything at all. All funds which I get from VK viewers/subscribers are also totally invested into prizepools.

Not looking for glory, I am just satisfied being a worthy part of the organizer team with France.pngUgrilainen, Germany.pngIISM, Germany.pngNeo, Canada.pngOver-Admire, Russia.pngKaiseris, Russia.pngMorozov, Croatia.pngWoker, Germany.pngArienne, Poland.pngVanilla and others.

I have a special thread in VK for all events which I was involved in, so after 20 years pass will watch some VODs being filled with nostalgia.

You could have been involved in WCA 2017 organizational team?

Before the sad news about cancelling of WCA-2017 I was offered to become a manager of European & Korean Qualifiers to WCA-2017, that’s true. For sure, I considered it as a big honor for me and if it would happen – I would do my best, as usual J Fortunately, we have GCS as an offline-tournament so 2017 is not empty at all.

Who you gonna call for help?

Private time with hundredkg

When I've sent him the questions, Ivan was on his way to a nice getaway weekend with friends, camping in the forest, enjoying a glass of whiskey next to the campfire. The perfect time for confidences

About his family

I am 33 y.o., I was born and live in Moscow, Russia. I Have a daughter who is 7. She is my “tiger cub” and she even watches some WC3 with me!

She likes “monsters” and sometimes asks me to “fight & win them”! I am divorced.