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Tournament Result

Super GCS 2017 - Grand Finale Recap

Who can we crown the true Gold Championship King?

Let us recap and celebrate the grand finale of Gold Championship Series. 4 players, 1 Undead and 3 Humans! Who would be the winning player?

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Interview With Lyn

Reigning supreme in 2016's Warcraft, Lyn has been more absent in 2017. After a hand injury handicapping him for the first half of the year, he came back after the summer, but could not really compete with TH000 among others, and got ousted from GCS Winter by Romantic in the group stage.

Nonetheless, 2017 will be a year to remember for him, as he got married in December during a fairy celebration.

What are his plans for 2018? Hurricane.Bo went ahead and asked him during an interview in Chinese. Lyn lives in Chengdu and speaks Korean, Chinese and English fluently.

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Strategy Analysis

4v4 – What it means to Warcraft III (RTS) [Part 2 – The Catalyst]

A substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected.


Hello everyone, and welcome back to the second episode of my all-things 4v4 series!  If you missed the first part or want a quick refresher head over to this link, grab some popcorn and enjoy!

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4v4 – What it means to Warcraft III (RTS) [Part 1 – The Basics]

Hello and welcome to my 3-part series discussing all things 4v4 Random Team in Blizzard’s Real Time Strategy game Warcraft III!  When I started writing this article I had one thought in my mind: “why do I love playing Warcraft III and, no matter how much I try to deviate, why does 4v4 always drag me back?”  The series will be split into 3 sections:-

  1. The Basics – A glossary of terms and an Introduction to 4v4 Random Team;
  2. The Catalyst – Why I feel 4v4 is such a fun game type and why I see it as so important to the continued success of Warcraft III alongside being a catalyst to stimulate growth for new and returning players;
  3. Analysis – Some map analysis and discussion around fun strategies and builds!

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Clan Youth: An Opportunity For Western Players

Sheik is playing Chinese Cups such as Ifeng (RIP - say hi to Gera for us) for a long time. He has a little career in China winning prizes here and there. One day clan Youth manager Xiuxi contacted me for transferring a small prize to the Russian Undead.

Then to Imperius...

Then to Cash!

I had this little idea to one day make a pure Western clan for EWCL and see how well they would do. Surely it would benchmark our players talent better than going to GCS and facing the ultra Asian elite that only Foggy can contest?

Clan Youth kept recruiting more players with Passion and can be fairly considered now as the WC3 European legion in EWCL.

Clan Youth is actively preparing the next season and is trying to reach out to more of our player pool - with the goal of setting up three teams for EWCL S25!